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PERDIKA; Villa included 5 apartments! Reduced price!!!

October 1, 2010

Perdika is located 17 kilometer north of Parga, on the west coast. The property is approximately 750 square meters located towards west, with excellent view to the island Corfu.

The property has 5 separate apartments.

1.  Groundfloor 65 sq.m.  Living room / kitchen, bath/toilet, 2 bedrooms, aircondition, TV / internet access.

2. Groundfloor 65 sq.m.  Living room / kitchen, bath/toilet, 2 bedrooms, aircondition, TV / internet access.

3. 1. floor 50 sq.m.  Livingroom / kitchen, bath / toilet, 1 bedroom Aircond. Tv / internet

4. 1. floor 65 sq.m.  Livingroom / kitchen, bath / toilet, 2 bedrooms Aircond. Tv / internet

5. 2. floor 138 sq.m. + 40 sq.m. terrace, living room / kitchen, dining room, fireplace, bath / toilet, 2 bedrooms, aircond. Tv / internet.

It is modern autonomous heating in the whole house. Each radiator is working separately.

It is used 20/25 in the cement for the best quality in the whole house.

The minimum standard of isolation is 3 cm. In this house it is 8 cm!. All windows have extra isolation. It is mosquito net.


The property is located in the PARGA area, in a wealthy community called Perdika. The place has approximately 2500 citizens and is located on the top of a hill with fantastic view towards Corfu and Paxos and for the sunset of course. The property is located 600 meters from the square of the city.

It is nice beaches 5 kilometers down from the city.

This area is very popular among Italiens, French, Germans and English people.

The beautiful city of Syvota is located 12 kilometers north of Perdika.

How to get there:

During the charter season you arrive at the city of Preveza. This city is located 65 kilometers south of Perdika. It is about one hours drive.  Taxi costs appr. 60 EURO. You also can go by plane (charter) to Corfu as well and boat to the mainland.

Ordinary plane you can take to Ioannina, Athens eller Tessaloniki. Also you have possibilities to take a plane  to Venice and boat to Igoumenitsa.

Perdika is a city that is working all year. Except from the most common summer activities, you have the possibility to hunt here in this area. License can be given.

Price rent:

In this spesific area it is easy to rent out the apartment in the wintertime and in the summertime to greek people. Approximately monthly prices in winter season is 300 Euro and for summer 1500 Euro.

Taxes to the Greek state, expences for Notarius Publicus, expences for land registration, fee to the lawyer, cost regarding sales and cost regarding assistance in the acquisition process will be added to the price.

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