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NAFPAKTOS (the jewel of the Corinthian Gulf); villa

November 18, 2013

Two kilometers west of Nafpaktos – “the jewel of the Corinthian Gulf” ,we are selling the 2 last houses of totally 8, at a special offer price!

This modern house is located 70 meters from the Mediterranean Sea in western Greece.

This local place is called Paleopanagia and is the most attractive living area in / close to Nafpaktos.

The city of Nafpaktos is located 9 kilometers from the new Rio – Antirrio bridge connecting Peloponnese and Central Greece.

The detached house has: a basement-garage  of 61,32m2, ground floor of 57,88m2 (and 3,44m2 semi-free space), first floor of 47,33m2 (and semi- free space of 4,85m2) Total: 166,53m2 (and 8,29m2 semi-free spaces).

Notice: the semi-free spaces are closed and “switched” into plain rooms. The 1st floor has 2 bedrooms.

Big terrace of approximately 30 square meters.

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