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MESOLONGHI – Ionian Sea – Retsina

February 4, 2013

Land of 13000 m2 is for sale in the western part of Greece some few kilometers from the city of  Mesolonghi. In a small village uphill from Mesolonghi approximately 6 kilometers inside the plan of Retsina, latitude:38.4333 and longitude:21.4167 you’ll find this property.

The property is located close to the main road of Retsina; it’s in the city plan, slightly slanted and has a panoramic all around view of Patras City (approximately 30kilometers away), Mesolonghi City (6kilometers from land) and the Ionion Sea.

Electricity, telephone lines and water is already at the plot.

All documents regarding the plot are ok and verified by the community. Questions about archeological and questions regarding forests etc. are cleared out.

Inside the plot you can build for tourism use as hotel, resort, spa resort, leisure hotel or you can use this for a private purpose as you can build in 800m the 400m which easily gives 14 maisonettes.

Retsina has many advantages as easy access to all major motorways,

shopping close to Mesolonghi, restaurants, cafes, bars, small private airport, taverns, beaches, marina, banks, hospital, police, monuments, casltle,

For the details of the new marina, take a look here

Retsina is an area that is rich and diversified in its natural environment for outdoor sports as paragliding (paragliding field 2 kilometers from land), horseback riding(at Mesolonghi City there is a club plus horses), hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, enduro-motorcross, bird watching and for fishing, cycling, sailing at Mesolonghi.

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