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Nafpaktos is the second largest city in the prefecture Aetoloakarnania, Central Greece. It is only two hours to drive from Athens, through Attica Road and Rio-Antirrio Bridge.

It’s built amphitheatrically on the side of a hill, which lies on the sea opposite to Peloponnesus between Delphi and Messolonghi. The old town situated in the Walls has kept its own style, its old face. Wherever you look, you will see the beauty, the harmony, the serenity. You can easily find  small or big traditional particularities even among the concrete and the antennas of modern buildings.

It is one of the oldest towns in Greece with a history of more than 3,500 years. In the past, Nafpaktos acquired different names, such as Epahtos, (in the Byzantine period), Lepanto, (by the Venetians) and Inebakte, (by the Turks).

Nafpaktos or “Lepanto” as Venetians called it, was crashed many times by intruders, conquerors, pirates, epidemics and earthquakes. The historic calenda of Nafpaktos is full of significant dates. One of the most famous events of its tempestous history is Naval Battle of Lepanto (1571), when the Christian forces won and it was detained the Mohammedans’ ination of Europe preserving the European civilization.

The Venetian castle stands on top of the hill, and it is one of the most well preserved castle in the country. From there, the visitor can enjoy the amazing view of Nafpaktos. Additionally, it is the only castle in Europe which have five defending zones of defence from the port to the top of the hill. Inside the castle there are various restaurants and bars which are perfectly combined with the houses in the traditional architectural style.

Among the sights of the town there is the Turkish mosque and the old Turkish steam baths. While on the west side of Nafpaktos, the visitor can admire the beautiful neoclassical houses.

Today the population is about 18,000 people.

If you visit Nafpaktos you will find several traditional squares with plane trees and fountains and small taverns and cafeterias.

In Nafpaktos you can find all kinds of shops: elegant boutiques and fashion shops , fine jewellery shops, big supermarkets and traditional market places, where you can buy a wide range of handmade pasta, kiwi, orange and plum jams as well as preserves made from almonds, the “firiki” apple variety, bergamot, pumpkin and carrot, and “tentoura” liqueur, a famous traditional digestive alcoholic beverage. It is made from cinnamon and clove extracts and served as an after-meal drink with ice or soda water.

During summer many cultural events take place, including music, dancing, theatre performances and art exhibitions.

IMG_1508 - KopiBesides its history, and beauty, Nafpaktos has a great night life. Whether you’re just looking for a nice place to have dinner, or to have a few drinks, or to dance until the early morning. There is something for everyone.

Climate in Nafpaktos area is considered one of the best in the country. Winters are mild; summers are warm, but not too hot. The average temperature of the place is 18ºC.

Being a coastal town, Nafpaktos has inevitably a wide variety of beaches where visitors can spend a day enjoying the sea, sunbathing, swimming or doing other water sports. The beaches of Psani and Gribovo are located in the town itself. Both of them are organized, clean and offer many convenient facilities, facts that have awarded them the Blue Flag.

Located just  1,5 hours to drive to ancient Delphi, ancient Olympia or Epidavros, Nafpaktos is a fantastic place to stay for people who are interested in history.

By car you can reach Kalavrita ski resort and it takes only 1 hour to drive from Nafpaktos. Kalavrita is situated on the North West side of mountain Helmos at an altitude of 1,700 meters (base) to 2,340 meters (summit). The Ski Centre operates on every day basis during the winter season (December to April).

The banks of the Evinos-river attract water sport enthusiasts throughout the year. From October until May, the river is perfect for rafting whilst from February until April it offers exciting kayaking. Going down river takes around 120 – 150 minutes and when the river is full it is challenging enough for serious athletes. The starting point is at the Bania Inn, about half an hour away from Nafpaktos.IMG_1611 - Kopi

The carnival of Nafpaktos takes place every year in February – March.

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