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It is an excellent idea to have your second home in Greece. Reasonably priced properties at the beach are available in Greece.

It is quite evident that well located properties will keep or increase their value. Therefore we offer only nicely located properties in the mainland of Greece.

The area is easily accessible all year round, and these properties will be good objects for investment.

Most of the properties we offer have their balconies towards the South and the South-West.

Till now properties on the Greek islands have been mostly popular with the foreigners. We have discovered some places on the mainland as an alternative for property investment. These are the areas which are preferred by the Greeks themselves.

Among them are places around the Corinthian gulf, in the heart of Greece.

We have focused primarily on the area around the Nafpaktos’  “Blue flag” beaches.

This area is genuine Greek, still without mass tourism. It is situated a few kilometres from the newly built

Rio – Antirrio bridge ,RioAntirrio2

which connects the mainland in central Greece and Peloponnese. Xiliadou,  Monastiraki, Skaloma and  Marathias are beautiful villages at the sea on your way east towards Delphi.

A nice hotel in Nafpaktos is FLISVOS.

130 kilometres beautiful coastal line( golden beach) starts in Kastro-Killini’s area and extends to the southern end of the Peloponnese. Killini is located about 50 kilometres from Patras.

­Patras, the third largest city in Greece, is located approximately 20 kilometres from Nafpaktos. You can easily take a ferry from Killini to Zakynthos and Kefalonia.

Attica area and Athens probably don’t need any presentation. We will also provide quality homes for sale in these areas, as well as on the Zakynthos and Kefalonia islands.


Why namely these areas?

–  nice prices compared with other popular places in Greece;

–  easy access to Athens (flights every day all year around,

–  easy access from the airport to the areas; the infrastructure is quite developed in this area of Greece.

–  CLIO car rental has nice offers.

–  2 track railway from Athens to Patras is under construction,

–  alternative destinations by plane in summertime are as well: Preveza, Zakynthos and Kerfalonia;

–  climate favourable area,

–  “criminality does not exist”,

–  good ecological situation; drinking water straight from the tap;

–  moderate prices in the provincial locations;

–  frequent ferry’s departures from Patras to various destinations in Italy, among others, Venice and Bari.

Ferry:   Zakynthos/Kefalonia

Ferry:   Italy

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